IIIT-IOS programme on personality development

New Delhi, May 5, 2020: The Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi, in collaboration with International Institute of Islamic Thought, USA, launched an online Personal Development Course in May 2020 in which scholars from different Indian universities participated. The programme included lectures on “Akhlaque-based/Ethical Leadership” by Prof. Dawood Al-Hidabi, professor of Education, International Islamic University, Malaysia; “Thinking Terminologies in the Quran” by Prof. Jamal Badi, professor at Kulliyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Science, International Islamic University, Malaysia; and “The Importance of Arabic Language for the Modern Muslim” by Prof. Dr. Munjid Bahjat, professor of Arabic Literature & Literary Criticism, International Islamic University, Malaysia. Each course lasted about one hour divided equally between presentation and question-answer. 

This programme was aimed at to bring some clarity on Islamic thought in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi ethnic world.


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