IOS and MESCO organises Winter School on Islamic Studies

February 25-29, 2020, at Hyderabad

A five-day Winter School Program for High School and College Students on Islamic Studies was organized by Muslim Educational Social and Cultural Organization (MESCO), Hyderabad in collaboration with Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), New Delhi from 25th February, to 29th February, 2020 at Hyderabad.

The main aim of the Program was to acquaint students with the fundamental teachings of Islam as well as the great role that Islam played in the making of global human civilization.

The event was well-attended by over hundred students from different colleges of Hyderabad. 


27 sessions were conducted during the five-day program. Several eminent personalities were Guest Speakers for the main sessions of the five-day Winter School Program. Each session began with lectures on the main issues and challenges faced by Muslim Community.

Day 1: 25th February, 2020
Venue: Dr. Mohammed Hyder Khan Convention Centre, Malakpet, Hyderabad
The first day began with the Inaugural Session followed by the business sessions. 
The Inaugural Session was conducted at Dr Mohammed Hyder Khan Convention Centre, Malakpet, Hyderabad. 
The program started with Qirat by Maulana Hafiz Noorullah.
Dr. Mustafa Shareef, Director, Daratul Ma'arif was the chief guest on the occasion. He encouraged the students and stressed the need for inculcating the habit of reading THE Quran, learning Arabic Language and Hadith to be guided on the right path and gain success in life and hereafter.
Dr. Mohammed Iftekharuddin, Director MESCO, who presided over the function, introduced the program to the gathering and explained the reasons behind organizing such a program.
The Inaugural session concluded with Dua by Maulana Hafiz Anas.  
Business Session
Dr Muhammad Mateenuddin Quadri, Member, Telangana State Public Service Commission delivered  lecture on “Islam as Faith and Civilization”. With his mind-blowing insight into the topic he caught the participants’ attention during his session. 
Dr Abdul Majeed, Former Professor and Head (Retd.) Department of Arabic,  Osmania University, delivered a lecture on “Revelation and its Application:  Focus on the Quran and Sunnah As Sources of Shariah Which Leads to Emergence and Development of Fiqh."
Professor Haseena Hashia, Assistant Secretary General IOS, delivered a lecture on “Women in Islam” and highlighted the values and culture of women in Islam comparing it with the present-day situation in the society  
With these two eye-opening sessions the program concluded at 4:00 p.m. 
DAY TWO: 26th February, 2020
Venue: Dr. Mohammed Hyder Khan Convention Centre, Malakpet, Hyderabad 
Business Session 1
Dr Syed Iftekhar Hussain, Head of the department, MESCO-ALEEF, delivered a lecture on “Jama wa Tadween Quran". He highlighted the compilation of the Quran in the form of the book. 
Moulana Mohd Ghayasul Islam Rahmani, Former Director, MESCO-ALEEF, delivered a lecture on "Jama wa Tadween Hadith". He explained Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and encouraged the students to further Islamic teachings of care and love for others for the sake of wellbeing of society and to gain the pleasure of Allah.
Business session 2
Mr. Lateef Atear, Deputy Secretary Academics, TMREIS (Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society) delivered a lecture on “Muslim contribution to Medicine, Mathematics and Sciences". It was an interactive session that every student present in the Auditorium enjoyed listening to and learnt many things which they were unaware of.  His main purpose was to make the student community aware of the Muslim intellectual contribution that led to inventions in the field of medical and engineering sciences.
Business Session 3 
The lecture on "Aqeeda: Tauheed, Risalat, Akhirat" by Ms. Syeda Zohra Fatima, Joint Secretary, Tanzeeme Niswan Kul Hind Tameer-e-Millat was so heart touching and  inspiring that it made the audience  to remember  the day of Judgment and the need to prepare for success in Aakhirat.
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Saajid delivered a lecture on "Non-Muslims in Modern Islamic State: Citizens or Ahle Kitab”. He discussed the rights of non-Muslims in an Islamic State.  
DAY THREE: 27th February, 2020
Venue: MESCO Education Complex, Mustaidpura, Karwan, Hyderabad
Session - I
Mr. Mohd Bilal Sufi, General Secretary, Minhaj-Ul-Quran International, delivered a lecture on "Non-Muslims during the time of the Prophet (PBUH)". He spoke on the  life-style of the Prophet (PBUH) and his gesture towards non-Muslims.
Dr Syed Ameer, Principal MESCO New Model School, Himayath Nagar, spoke on "Non- Muslims during the time of Prophet and Rashidun Caliphate". 
Session- II
Maulana Ahmed Noor Aaini, Moallim, Al Mahaad Ul Aali Al Islami delivered a lecture on “Non-Muslims under Muslim rule in India”.  He discussed about the treatment meted out to the non-Muslims during Muslim rule in India.
Ms Nousheen, lecturer in MESCO Institute of Management and Computer Sciences delivered lecture on "Globalisation: Definition and Impact". She spoke about the effects of globalization on the younger generation.
Session- III
Session III started with “Islam and Multiculturalism: Modern debate and Islamic position” by Dr Tahseen Bilgrami, Deputy Director, Maulana Azad National Urdu University. By her outstanding presentation the participants were encouraged to know more about the multicultural nature of democratic India.
The last lecture of the business session III, “Islamic state in the modern world”, by Maulana Habib Ahmed Al Hussaini, Director, Minhaj Ul Quran International India. His speech on the Islamic state in the modern world gave an overview of what exactly the Islamic State needs to do towards the development of Society and the modern world.
DAY FOUR: 28th February, 2020
Venue: MESCO Education Complex, Mustaidpura, Karwan, Hyderabad
Business Session 1
Business Session I started with a lecture by Dr. Saleha Firdous on the topic “Non-Muslims Under Muslim Empires”. She highlighted Muslim emperors’ contribution to the development of the world, especially India.
Lecture 2 on the topic “Non Muslims under the Muslim Empires – Umayyads of Spain, Abbasids, the Ottomans” was delivered by Mr. Mohd. Naseeruddin. He highlighted in detail about the role of Muslim Empires, their kindness towards non-Muslims and their development.
Lecture 3 on “Islam & Knowledge” was delivered by Mr. Hamid Hussain. He highlighted contribution of Islam to the development of human beings and importance of the Quran.
DAY FIVE: 29th February, 2020
Venue: Dr. Mohammed Hyder Khan Convention Centre, Malakpet, Hyderabad
Business Session 1
The first lecture, on “Islam and Secularism” was delivered by Ms Salma Khan, lecturer MESCO Degree College. She explained the importance of secularism from Islamic point of view and highlighted the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his style of living.
The second lecture, on “Islam and Terrorism” was delivered by G. Q. Haqquani, lecturer and superintendent, MESCO. He justified his topic by proving that Islam does not spread terrorism but spread peace and humanity. 
The third lecture, on “Islam and Modernity/Westernization” was delivered by Ms. Aquila Khamooshi, Member, Muslim Personal Law Board. She enlightened the audience with her valuable lecture and discussed ways of protecting society from the adverse effects of modernization and westernization and showed the right path towards success as per Islam.  
Business Session 2
Moulana Mohammed Azam Nadvi, Moallim, Hadith wa Fiqh, Al Mahad ul Aali Al Islami delivered a lecture on  “Islam and Liberation Movement”.
Dr Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli, assistant professor, Nizam College, delivered a lecture on "Critics of Globalization". He spoke about the globalization and its components and also explained the socio-economic outcomes of globalization.
Mr. Mohd Abdul Saleem, research scholar, Osmania University, delivered a lecture on "Contribution to Humanities and Social Sciences by Muslim Scholars".
Valedictory Function
The valedictory function of the five-day Winter School Program was organized at Dr. Mohammed Hyder Khan Convention Centre, Malakpet, Hyderabad on 29th February, 2020 from 2.00 pm to 3.00 p.m. 
With positive feedback from the audience the program ended with dua.
Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammed, Honorary Secretary, MESCO & Chairman, MESCO Group of Institutions welcomed the gathering.
Mrs. Faqrunissa Faheem, Director Academics, MESCO Group of Schools, presented report on the five-day Winter School Program.
Dr. Ghouse Mohiuddin Ali, President, MESCO delivered presidential address and insisted the students to adopt the life and  teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in their thoughts and deeds so that they can continue to be good in academics and become good human beings by serving and loving the humanity - the essence of Islam.     
The Chief Guest of the function, Mr. Mohd. Raheemuddin Ansari, Chairman, Telangana State Urdu Academy, addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to get acquainted themselves with the Islamic knowledge which is essence of life. 
Keynote address on "The Way Ahead: Regenerating Knowledge in Islamic Perspective" was delivered by Mr. Syed Jaleel Ahmed, President, All India Majlis Tameer-e-Millat.
Certificates to the Participants and mementos to the Guest Speakers and other dignitaries were distributed by the Chief Guest and the Keynote Speaker of the Function.
Vote of Thanks was proposed by Dr. Saleha Firdous, Principal, MESCO Degree College, Mustaidpura, Hyderabad. 

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