First Prof. D. Prempati Memorial Lecture on “Democracy and Fascism”

We are here to discuss issues that are central to the wellbeing and integrity of India for years and decades. As we are commemorating the life and achievements of one of the stalwarts of the second half of the 20th century, our dear departed friend, guide, and philosopher, the inimitable D. Prempatiji who cherished human freedom, dignity and equality, it would be highly becoming if we discuss these issues in depth. He was so free-spirited that he never accepted the superiority or inferiority of birth, a primary focus of varna dharma that assigns people a position in life according to the varna in which they are born. The underlying logic of it is that the upper castes (savarnas) are fair and the lower orders are black varna meaning colour. Interestingly, Prempatiji was deeply dark coloured, a fact that he paraded like a badge of honour.


Lecture on Hindutva by Dr. M. Manzoor Alam


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