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Message given by Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam on the eve of Eid-ul Fitr 

In an interview with the Millat Times (Urdu daily, Delhi), published on May 2, 2022, on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam, General Secretary, All India Milli Council, said that the Blessed Month of Ramadan is bidding farewell. Guided by the Divine help, we tried to benefit ourselves from this month; we kept fast, offered prayers, recited the Holy Qur’an, tried to understand its meaning and commentary, gave charity and did our best by all possible means to create strong bonds with our Lord.  We should also think if, in the context of the prevailing circumstances, we are ready to get necessary lessons from the Noble Qur’an. Dr. Manzoor Alam said that it is necessary to reflect on such questions.


Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam

The development of any society and country depends on the delivery of justice. Social justice, harmony in society and the prevention of riots guarantee the progress and growth of humanity. A country or society can be called developed in the real sense only if justice thrives there, and people’s life, property and honour are secure; where people are allowed to speak the truth and live with full freedom, feeling safe; where people are confident that if they are oppressed, action will be taken against the transgressors who will be booked under the law of the land, and criminals will get due punishment for their misdeeds. When there is assurance that the Judiciary will deliver justice and police will perform their duty honestly, while investigative agencies will act without any bias, and if it happens, the transgressors and criminals will not dare to oppress and coerce the innocent in future. 


Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam
At this time, our dear motherland is moving in a strange direction. Due to the policies of the government, which came into being in 2014, the guts of the communal forces and anti-social elements have gone so high that every single peace-loving citizen of the country is extremely distressed. These conditions are compelling serious and sincere circles of the country, particularly minorities, to reflect on the present grave situation. On one side are communities living in our land and minorities, while on the other hand, are Muslims who constitute the largest minority. The latter are confronted with unparalleled anxiety. International bodies are also showing their concern over the over-all situation. In these circumstances there is no escape from seeking some effective remedy by undertaking certain measures. If these measures are taken, conditions may improve, and the gravity of the situation can be altered to a great extent.

Recent Activities

IOS Calicut Chapter organises seminar on Prof. Ismail Raji al- Faruqui

Calicut: The scholars, who spoke in the seminar organised by IOS Calicut Chapter here on May 7, 2022, said that late Ismail Raji Al-Faruqui, a Palestine-born American writer and philosopher belonged to the rare breed of thinkers who could present Islam as an ideology for the emancipation of the human race.

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IOS publication on ‘Year Book 2021-Educational Status of Muslims in India: Strive for Bright Future’ Released

New Delhi: An online programme for the release of the ‘Year Book 2021-Educational Status of Muslims in India: Strive for Bright Future, authored by Rubina Tabassum, development professional, education sector, was organised by the Institute of Objective Studies on March 8, 2022. It may be recalled that this is the latest publication of the Institute.

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IOS-Jamia Hamdard jointly organise 5-day online Winter School Programme in Islamic Studies

New Delhi: A five-day online Winter School Programme in Islamic Studies was jointly organised by the Institute of Objective Studies and Jamia Hamdard from February 21 to 25, 2022.

The programme formally commenced with the recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran by Hafiz Athar Husain Nadwi. While the head of the department of Islamic Studies, Jamia Hamdard, Dr. Arshad Hussain delivered the welcome address, the secretary general of IOS, Prof. Z.M. Khan, explained the objectives of the programme. In his welcome address, Dr. Arshad Hussain expressed his gratitude to the participants and thanked the IOS for extending cooperation to Jamia Hamdard for organising a mega programme for the benefit of students and researchers of Islamic Studies. 

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IOS Calicut Chapter organises lecture on “Anti-Women Customs and Rituals in South India”

Calicut, April 23: Ms P Ambika, activist and writer said that customs and rituals in many temples in South India are anti-women and anti-Dalit and despite the strenuous efforts by social reformers these unconstitutional and discriminatory practices still remain unchanged. She was addressing a select audience on the topic “Anti-Women Customs and Rituals in South India”, a project launched by IOS Calicut Chapter. Historical record show that when Buddhism was wiped out in the country, the Vedic Brahmins regained hegemony over the society, she added. It was the beginning of a new phase of control in which Dalits and women again became victims of suppression and marginalisation.

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IOS book on ‘The Role of Communication in Political Empowerment of Women Panchayati Raj Functionaries: A Field Study of Baramullah District of Kashmir’ Released

The Institute of Objectives Studies organised an online programme to release the book, ‘The Role of Communication in Political Empowerment of Women Panchayati Raj Functionaries: A Field Study of Baramullah District of Kashmir’, written by Dr. Afsana Rashid, Assistant Professor of Media Education Research Centre, University of Kashmir on February 28, 2022. It may be recalled that this is the latest addition to the books published by the IOS.

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