In India, the population of which is more than one billion, Muslims constitute the second largest majority. But they face complicated problems in the way of safeguarding their Islamic identity from outside and are because of severe doctrinal and sectarian differences from inside. The main factors of vexed problem wide-spread of misunderstanding among non-Muslim citizens towards Islam, especially after the incident of the beginning of this century and the lack of knowledge regarding the teachings of Islam based on clemency, love, affection, goodness, peace, justice and humanity.

In views of above, Institute of Objective Studies has decided to take up this project that aims at preparation of 122 booklets on important topics to crystallize spotless picture of Islam before non-Muslims in addition to that consolidating the teachings of Qur‟an and Hadees in the minds of Muslims.

After preparation of these booklets they would be translated in 15 popular Indian Languages.
We hope that this project will play an effective role in preparing the Muslims as preachers and will change the way of thinking of Non-Muslims in India and therefore this project will hopefully widen the framework of Da‟awah and extend the circle of truth. We wish to observe the credibility of Allah‟s saying.

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