A particular school of historians in India is leaving no stone unturned to minimize the role of Indian Muslims in the freedom struggle movement. A lot of research work has been done on the various phases of freedom struggle in India. Not only the individual scholars have come out with their research monographs on one or the other aspect of the freedom movement in India and Pakistan but the respective governments have also sponsored a few projects on this topic.

Similarly in Pakistan, considerable work has been done for collection and compilation of the document on Muslim league and on foundation of Pakistan.

Numerically, the Muslims are the second largest majority in India. The contribution made by Muslims in liberation of India is second to none. As a matter of fact, in various respects, as the record tells us, in some respects, and at various phases, it was highest and brightest.

There is urgent need to present an authentic record to present the contribution the Muslims had made in major events of Indian freedom struggle from 1857 to 1947. Serious research work is required to be done to trace out the role that Muslims have played in the formation and establishment of various political parties of undivided India and to trace out their contribution from 1857 to 1947 for liberation of the country.

Therefore Institute of Objective Studies has undertaken this project, which is divided into 5-8 volumes on regional basis:

1. DELHI (Published)
4. BIHAR (is in progress)
5. BENGAL (is in progress)
6. ASSAM (is in progress)
7. UTTAR PRADESH (Yet to be assigned)
8. ORISSA (Yet to be assigned)

It will highlight the contribution made by Muslims in Indian freedom movement, with objective to make the younger generation aware about the contributions of their ancestors in Indian freedom struggle.

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