Vol.27 Nos. 1 & 2 January-December 2015

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Volume 27, Nos. 1 & 2


Islamic Response to Modern Education                                           1-18

Ishtiyaque Danish

Aspiring to Rise: Agitation of Muslim

Other Backward Classes in Uttar Pradesh                                          

Abdul Waheed                                                                             19-42

Afzal Sayeed


Partition: Nation, Gender and Muslim

Women’s Identity in Qurratulain Hyder’s

Select Fiction                                                                              43-73

Naila Anjum


Role of National Commission for

Minority Educational Institutions in

Actualisation of Minorities Right                                                       

Md. Zafar Mahfooz Nomani                                                          75-103

Faizanur Rahman


Cross-cultural Trade between Malabar

and Arabia: A Study of Travel Accounts

of Ibn Battuta                                                                            105-135

Jafar, V.K.


Changing Notions of Public Sphere:

Muslim Women and Social Reform in Kerala                                  137-152

Khadeeja Mangat


Diversity, Identity and Education:

Dilemma of System and Objectivity                                             153-165

Dr. Mohammad Khalid


Value Education in Schools: Are we

Building the Right Minds by Teaching

Belief in God and Unspecified Power of

Prayer to Young Children?                                                           167-178

Dr. Sayyada Begum


Peace from the viewpoint of the Quran

and the Declaration of Human Rights                                           179-194

Dr. Fatemeh Radan




Articulating the Post 9/11 Muslim Anxiety:

Ishtiyaque Danish’s the Arab Spring                                            195-197

Mohammad Asim Siddiqui



Reports of IOS Seminars and Conferences etc.                              199-244