Due to globalization, the people of India are facing the effects of global changes as well as that of internal changes. The huge stock of nuclear weapons of many developed countries on the one hand and talking of maintaining peace and removal of poverty on the other, seems to represent a mismatch in the approach. The policies made by the government of India to improve the conditions of minorities are not implemented properly (e.g. the parts of funds for minorities remain unutilized by Ministry of Minority Affairs since the three consecutive years). Hence the targets are not achieved. Even after improvements in literacy rates, the minorities are lagging behind as compared to general category of people in India due to the lack of educational and health facilities as well as employment opportunities.

The objective of Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), New Delhi, has been trying to highlight the plight of minorities, particularly Muslims, in India as well as in the world. The IOS has been working since last twenty six years to enlighten people at grass root level by depicting the factual picture by highlighting the facts through solid data base.

In this context, the following sequence is considered for data/information collection/compilation and presentation on IOS Website (as per priority for the community):

    1. Health
    2. Education
    3. Employment
    4. Personalities and Contribution of Muslims
    5. Communal Riots, and
    6. Other Information (e.g. UPSC Exams, Net Exam, Scholarships, etc.)

An attempt has been made by collecting and analyzing the data / Information to help politicians, bureaucrats, social workers (NGOs), researchers, etc. to make use of data to present the real picture of minorities and help the minorities to get their share for joining hands for the proper development of the country as a whole. The following forty nine documents of data tables / graphs and other important information are presented for the same purpose on IOS Website:

  1. Business Dictionary   

  2. Recruitment NVS Advertisement Recruitment 2017-MoHR

  3. Page-4 of IOS Calendar 2017

  4. State-wise Number of Rape Victims - 2015

  5. Short Note on Talaq of Muslim Women and Condition of Hindu Women in India

  6. JMI FREE COACHING for CIVIL SERVICES (Preliminary-cum-Main) 2018    Notification

  7. Communal Candidates Put forth by Major Political Parties (Between 2012 and 2017)

  8. AMP Hr Edu Scholarship 2017

  9. SSC MET Recruitment 2017

  10. Page-3 of IOS Calendar 2017

  11. Applications on the prescribed forms are invited for teaching and other positions in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

  12. Islamic Development Bank, JEDDAH - Loan/ Scholarship

  13. India’s Poor Record in Healthcare

  14. Growth of Higher Education Institutions in India 1947-48 to 2014-15

  15. One Page Hijri Calendar - 1439H

  16. Government of India Jobs – Ministry of Home Affairs 2017

  17. Page-2 of IOS Calendar 2017

  18. Short Note on Air Pollution being hazardous for Health

  19. Page-1 of IOS Calendar 2017

  20. Percentage of Muslim Candidates Selected out of Total Candidates Selected in Civil Services 1990 to 2015

  21. Higher Education - Status of Muslims vis-a-vis Other Social Groups, India – 2015

  22. Education For All - Global Movement led by UNESCO

  23. Page 4 of IOS calendar 2016

  24. Verses in the Qur‟an about Adl (عدل ) - Insaaf (Justice)

  25. Representation of SCs-STs-Muslims in Police Force

  26. Key Terms and Names

  27. 3rd Page of IOS Calendar 2016

  28. State-wise District Names - Headquarters – Population 2011- Area and the Population Density

  29. Major Events in World History (from 40000 BC till 2001AD)

  30. Major Inventions of the Modern Age

  31. List of Muslim Majority Countries

  32. Page 2 of IOS calendar 2016

  33. List of High Court Judges of India as on 01-02-16

  34. 15 Famous Indian Scientists and their Inventions

  35. Page 1 of IOS Calendar 2016

  36. PhD Programmes

  37. Notification for PhD admission

  38. List of DMs-Dist. Collectors-Dy Commissioners-Rural of Different States 2014

  39. IOS Calendar 2015-Page 4

  40. You should definitely take an Afternoon Nap

  41. List of District-wise District Magistrates/District Collectors/Deputy Commissioners - 2014 of 10 States

  42. Percentage of SRCs in different Educational Levels

  43. UGC has released a List of 21 Fake Universities Across the Country

  44. Abortion-Female Foeticide in India

  45. Country-wise Global Peace Index-2014

  46. List of UPSC Civil Services Toppers 1972 - 2014

  47. Jamia Millia Islamia Prospectus 2015-2016

  48. SSC SSB Recruitment Notification 2015 6225 Constable GD Apply Online @

  49. Scholarships 2014

  50. UGC NET December 2014: Application Process opens Today, October 15

  51. Winners of Param Vir Chakra (PVC) since 1950

  52. Jamia shapes IAS Dreams in its Free Coaching Academy

  53. 100 Health Updates

  54. Important Historic Dates of Islam from Prophet Ibrahim to Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

  55. List of Converts to Islam from Christianity

  56. Lok Sabha

  57. Rajya Sabha – An Introduction

  58. Now 6 Attempts to crack Civil Services

  59. Bharat Ratna Awardees From 1954

  60. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  61. Constitution of India

  62. FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS-Constitution of India

  63. List of Retired Supreme Court Hon'ble CJI Arranged According to Seniority

  64. List of Retired Supreme Court Hon'ble Judges Arranged According to Seniority

  65. Rank of States for Key Indicators

  66. Global Hunger Index (GHI) – Short Note

  67. IAS Prelims 2014

  68. Note on Percentages of Socio Religious Categories (SRCs) from NSS data Round 61 (2004-05) and Round 68 (2011-12)

  69. A Note on Overall Scenario from NSSO Round 61 (2004-05) and Round 68 (2011-12)

  70. Major Achievements of Delhi Govt.

  71. Top Ten Countries - Compiled

  72. All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE)

  73. Hard Facts and Figures

  74. Important Information-I

  75. Important Information-II

  76. Important Information-III

  77. Important Information-IV

  78. Important Information-V

  79. Important Information-VI

  80. Contributions of Muslims in the World – Part I

  81. Statutory and Non-Statutory Bodies of India

  82. Children in India 2012

  83. Vital Statistics -Country-wise

  84. Vital Statistics Part-I (Population)

  85. Vital Statistics Part-II (Education)

  86. Vital Statistics Part-III (Agriculture)

  87. Vital Statistics Part-IV (Health)

  88. Health Updates-I – News/New Researches

  89. Health Updates-II – News/New Researches

  90. Health Updates-III – News/New Researches

  91. Health Updates-IV – News/New Researches

  92. Health Updates-V – News/New Researches

  93. Health Updates-VI – News/New Researches

  94. Health Updates- VII – News/New Researches

  95. Health Updates- VIII – News/New Researches

  96. Health Updates- IX – News/New Researches

  97. Health Updates - X – News/New Researches

  98. New Research Study "Hindus and Muslims - Least Likely to engage in Premarital Sex"

  99. Abbreviations – Compact and Useful

  100. Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbas Al-Zahrawi (936–1013)

  101. Crime against Women in India and World

  102. Details for Civil Service Examination of UPSC

  103. Facts and Figures of Muslims in the World
Please have a look on the details of documents and send your comments on the e-mail given below:



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